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Focus: Seller Agency

Control of your finances is the key to winning in the real estate business. While a high commission split helps, the major difference is seen in the split amongst agencies not individual agents. The Seller’s Agents decide what amount to offer out to Buyer’s Agents on the MLS.


Content marketing

Content Marketing the best way to market any product including real estate. Gone are the days of set it and forget it marketing strategies. Today you have to engage daily with your target audience. 


One-On-One Training

We offer one-on-one training with the company owner, you’ll be able to tap into over 20 years of experience. Not a recorded video or trainer who has not sold a property in years.


Sold $2.1Million

One of our agents joined us in January 2020, 2 months prior to the declaration of the pandemic and mandatory quarantine. He has sold $2.1 Million in the 3rd Quarter of 2021! His initial 3 transactions were listings we helped him with the training and acquisition. Is this the type of results you have been looking for?


We segment our efforts into categories and easy to remember names. Our rental brands @BrunchandHomes @NYCRents @NJRents @MIARents

Both the problem and the solution is held by the brokers in the industry. It’s unfair to sell shares of a business when the only way to benefit is by selling them. I have a better plan in offering revenue to my agents in the future.

Juan Aracena -CEO

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