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Choosing the right real estate broker to market your home is of tremendous importance. Our company and brand offers a world of advantages to sellers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond.


Through the expertise and exceptional service brought by our highly experienced agents, our clients are provided with the best possible purchasing experience in the New York Tri-Sate area.

Customized Marketing

Rubirosa International Realty customizes and tailors its marketing to each individual property; ensuring a fresh and distinct perspective for every property under management. Other firms may claim to offer V.I.P. services, but at Rubirosa International Realty we go far beyond those conventions, by custom-tailoring our marketing programs through proprietary statistical models that have proven results. 

Dedicated Team

No other brokerage will confidently dedicate an entire team to one property; no other firm delineates the high-end market segment and offers a marketing and management agenda created solely for the best properties in the market, instantly distinguishing them in the eyes of the purchasing community.

Practice Areas


We specialize in the marketing and sale of fine property at all price points, connecting buyers and sellers in our local markets as well as around the world.


We guide our clients through the acquisition process and offer repair services, violation mitigations, and capital improvements. ​


We serve as a liaison for our clients from land acquisition to GC selection, financing the projects and ultimately marketing the projects.


We offer property management services to our clients from a single home investment to a multi-family dwelling portfolio.


Our team of highly skilled professionals will select the best tenants for our clients' investments.​


Many of our clients diversify their investments through commercial properties; retail stores, shopping malls, office buildings. We assist in marketing these properties to our client database be it a sale or lease.​


Rubirosa International Realty believes in providing a level of service and marketing commensurate with the caliber of properties we represent. Our proprietary listing management system, enables us to invest more time, energy, and capital on making the experience of selling a property unique and refreshing. Selling a pinnacle property is a unique experience that requires a level of service equal or greater than the financial investment at hand, and Rubirosa International Realty is the only brokerage able to deliver a concierge-style service never before seen in real estate.


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