Realtors® face numerous obstacles the most difficult, Leadership.

Who we are

Our broker relentlessly looked for new innovations. Since the begin of his real estate career when he started in at Keller Williams in 1999 in North Bergen. And simultaneously in New York City on his own company. He is a  veteran of the industry who has been through most companies in the past 20 years. His journey was extensive from Weichert Realtors, Exit Realty, Century 21, to Sotheby’ International Realty.

Why we are

The system is broken and designed to enrich both the corporations and owners of the brokerages. The dated idea that an agent is only “as good as their last sale”needs to stop.”

Where you are

Are you seeking something different? An opportunity? We invite you to meet and have a no obligation conversation with our broker.

How we can

We are entrepreneurs who actively invest in real estate. We buy properties, make repairs and improvements, and sell it later for a profit.

Zillow is winning !

Many real estate companies are focused on technology, while technology companies are focused on real estate. So many Realtors® are open to the notion of “team building” to earn commissions but not to own properties. The fact is we in the industry are falling far behind!

Our marketing dollars are working hard for Zillow. ​Zillow is planning to buy 5,000 houses per month, that’s 60,000 a year. None of which will be sold by realtors, and good luck trying to get “expired listings” from Zillow Group, Inc.

Why aren't more agents investors?

The Journey

Money!…Most real estate salespeople make no money at the beginning of their careers once they do, they can finally live the way they always dreamed. This dream comes with the high cost associated with upgrading to a better lifestyle, there’s also the business overhead, and personal promotion overhead to keep the money coming in a competitive market. The current business models greatly benefit the brokerages, not the agent.

The Challenge

Before receiving checks, most agents pay a 6%-8% franchise fee. Afterward, the brokerage deducts 20%-50% depending on the split. Under these terms, a $60,000 check at closing turns into $28,000 for the agent! Lastly, taxes are due on that money when you’re self-employed. Then what money is left over to invest?

The broken system

They say a “broker is either broke or breaking people.” Who benefits?

The Traditional Model
6-8% franchise fees minus up to 50% splits

This model is the standard of corporations who answer to stockholders. They start agents at 50% based on experience, as they grow their business the percentage increases to retain the successful agents. They also deduct 6-8% franchise fee off every transaction. With this model, the agent never sees 100% commission because the franchise fee is non-negotiable.


The Warehouse Model
grossing $360,000 a year without selling real estate

This model is heavily reliant on fees and number of agents. For example at 300 agents with a minimum $100 monthly fee the office then generates $30,000 a month, $360,000 a year. Without closing one deal, this is excluding the extra fees; desk fees, technology fees, office resources. This fee model is what makes the 100% commission brokerage succeed.

Others use a variation starting agents at 70% and temporarily upgrading them to 100% thus gaining an additional 30% from every transaction.

Profit sharing? At less than $4,000 a year? Consider this a monthly fee reimbursement! Shareholding? You have to sell them to enjoy! If they hold up their value by that time.



The truth is even at 100% commission the individual agent faces an up-hill battle. Why?

The commercial loan financial terms are more complex and costly than those of a residential loan. Do the banks deem a self-employed individual a high risk for a $5 Million multifamily property?  How long will it take an individual agent to come up with the required 20%-30% down payment? A $1.5 Million down payment, plus emergency reserves, payroll, and capital improvements.

Most banks will finance a residential property to a self-employed individual after 3 years filing taxes. The smart agent will start with a 2-family home. Gradually the agent picks up a couple more homes growing a small portfolio. But eventually, the individual will hit the ceiling on the debt to income ratio.  And the growth stops until the agent picks up a partner(s).

Then there are the ever time-consuming tasks of being an individual landlord, tenant litigations, expenses, and repairs will take their toll, and share of valuable time.

not enough


“A brokerage with private equity real estate funds.”

Rubirosa International Realty is an international investment firm. We serve as a brokerage company to our clients. Our strength is the experience of our leaders and the number of investor agents. Our concept is simple, the company’s share of commissions used as down payments. Instead of capitalizing on the profits we chose to benefit the investor agents. The increased advantage of the brokerage is creating in-house investors. While simultaneously creating a stream of income not dependent on the warehouse model. The overhead of the company will be covered by passive income not by bleeding the agents.  

Our technology platform offers full transparency to our investor agents. The specifics only discussed upon our meeting.

Own The Field Model

This creative business model is unlike any other in the industry today. The “Own The Field” is intended to empower the investor agents, via a private equity real estate fund. We offer competitive commission splits based on experience.

• No Desk Fees 
• No Technology Fees 
• No Transaction Fees

Regular business expenses; 
• MLS dues 
• Realtor Association dues 
• E&O insurance

what we offer investor agents:

• Zip Code Targeted Buyer Leads

• Cold Calling/Mailing Technology

• Technical Assistance with Social Media Marketing

• In-House Graphic Design & Discounted Printing

• Professional Photography

• Representing our in-house acquisitions generating exclusive listings (rentals & sales)

• Syndication to all your listings to the numerous MLS the company holds membership in NY, NJ, and CT.

Respect from your clients

Clients respect and admire working with agents who are a principal investor. They know they are dealing with someone who's leveraging their profession for a better future. And who has a better understanding of potentially guiding them to successfully re-invest the proceeds from the sale of their current house?

Profit Sharing & Shareholding -vs- Passive Income

Did you know the current profit sharing offered by companies in the industry is less than $4,000 a year? Who can live off this?

Did you know that to enjoy Shareholdings money you would have to sell the shares? Considering if 27.5 years from now the real estate company is still in business.

Passive income, on the other hand, pays every month. If you owned 10% of a property where its income was equivalent to $50,000 you would get about $4,500 a month ($5,000 - minus property expenses). You would claim 27.5 years worth of depreciation on that property to the IRS.

Bragging Rights of Years in the business

The bragging rights of the years served as an area expert, and awards won that are also held by many other of your peers, is impressive. Unfortunately these accolades are not going to pay dividends. You're an independent contractor. The company you currently work for is not going to pay a pension, or retirement funds.

Do what's right for your future.

"Live a sexy & lucrative life after real estate"

Our Vibe!

We think all this separates us from the rest of the field. This is what makes Rubirosa International Realty: Supportive, Creative and Lucrative. If you think you are the right person for this environment, feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Please inquire in confidence.

Design your growth plan

The growth of our investor agents is in the company’s ethos. 

Expand Your Market

Our brokerage encourages and supports agents who want to become multi-licensed in all 3; NY, NJ, & CT. There are no limits to your growth in our company.

Private Equity Fund

Real estate ownership and financial freedom go hand in hand. Our agents are in-house investors in our company's private equity real estate fund.

Real World Learning

We will train new agents from rentals, residential sales, commercial transactions, 1031 exchanges, Capital Call, REOs, and property management.


"A month after joining Rubirosa International Realty I received 9 leads totaling close to $3 Million in sales!
helen Martinez
NY Licensed Sales Person
"After joining Rubirosa International Realty, I have learned things that I wasn't shown in my previous office"
Priscila Oquendo
NY Licensed Sales Person

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